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Freitag, 28. November 2014, 09:57

DayZ - Looking forward into 2015


The DayZ development team in association with Bohemia Interactive would like to announce that having completed our first year of Early Access development, we have reached an important project milestone. Looking forward into the opportunities and obstacles of the coming year, we would like to share our plans and goals for 2015.

These plans change over time, and internally the team has reviewed our progress this year against where we want DayZ to be at 1.0. Compiling this data we have completed a light roadmap based on our experience with the project for the upcoming year, and this is a taste of exciting things to come that we can look forward to.

Q1 2015

Basic vehicles
Central economy (advanced loot distribution)
New renderer
New Zombie AI
Basic stealth system (zombies, animals, ...)

Q2 2015

Advanced vehicles (repair, modifications, ...)
Advanced animals - life cycle, group behavior
Player statistics
New UI Stamina / fatigue
Dynamic events

Q3 2015

Character life span + soft skills
Animal predators + birds
Aerial transport
Console prototype

Q4 2015

BETA version
Animal companions (dog, horse)
Steam community integration (Achievements, Steamworks modding, etc)
Construction (building shelters / walls / ...)

Along with the remaining updates this year you can expect a new price point for DayZ, a slight increase to 27.99 EUR/34.99 USD. This is part of a gradual price change as we progress with the development and reach the goals that we along with your help set for the project. We would like to avoid a sudden increase in price once we hit 1.0. Don`t be discouraged by this increase however, the current price of 23.99 EUR/29.99 USD will still be available during the Steam fall sale. If you want to jump into DayZ, now is a good time.

We are all very excited to announce that the first half of 2016 will introduce our final version and release from early access, with our final price point of 39.99 EUR / 49.99 USD.

See you in Chernarus!