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Donnerstag, 6. November 2014, 15:17

DayZ: Patchnotes für Update 0.50


New Items:

-Balaclavas (Color variants)
-Sledge hammer
-Brass Knuckles (Color variants)
-SPOSN backpack
-Derringer (Color variants)
-Improvised Fish Trap
-Waterproof bag (Color variants)
-Leather sewing kit
-Tomato seeds
-Gardening lime
-Rossi R92
-Rabbit snare
-Heat pack
-Metal wire
-Medical thermometer
-AK 74 (Color variants)
-AKS 74U (Color variants)
-Welding Mask
-Firefigher Uniform (Color variants)
-Firefighter Helmet (Color variants)
-Firefighter Pants (Color variants)
-Skater Helmet (Color variants)

New Mechanics:

-You can search for feathers in chicken coops
-Water and energy consumption tweaked
-Player can be put to unconscious while restrained and can be restrained while he is unconscious
-Two handed item throwing
-Loot table changes
-Barricading (First iteration, you are able to lock doors, state being persistent)
-Horticulture (You are able to use greenhouses when you aquire seeds and fertilizer to grow plants)
-Soaking of items in backpacks
-Waterproof items
-Wring items
-Player temperature
-Shoe degradation and comfort
-Duct tape repair and crafting
-Improved weather system
-You can stitch wounds now
-Riders jacket, military shoes, combat shoes, leather shoes, working boots can be patched using leather sewing kit
-New animals (Hen, Goat)
-Server time affects temperature

New Animations:

-New holding animations
-New unarmed sprinting animations
-New grenade unpinning
-Wring animation added to wring clothes
-New handgun animations
-New restrain animations
-New sitting pose for pistols, two handed and unarmed
-New bow reload animation
-Prone move with pistol polished

Towns and Villages:

-New village “Belaya Polana”
-New town “Novaya Petrovka” + surroundings
-New village “Topolniki”
-New village “Svergino”
-New village “Berezhki”


-New Kamensk mine
-New Military Base near Severohrad
-New Svergino castle
-New “Pobeda dam”
-Krasnostav Airfield now has a new Hangar and Office
-Food and News Stands has been added
-Bug fixing
-Map optimization
-Barrels was removed from map


-Fixed Shadows
-Eject Buckshots option for shotguns
-Fixed Shadow Issues
-Fixed Client Crashes
-Fixed Server Crashes
-Antihacking measures
-Visor for gorka helmet now shows bandanas/balaclavas
-Fireplace works at high altitude
-Fish trap works with bait as well
-Leaving unconsciousness while having burlap sack will keep screen dark
-Smersh vest without backpack appearance fixed
-You can no longer place hacksaw and sickle on shoulder
-Telescopic baton damage texture
-Telescopic baton won’t reset its damage after open/close action
-Breaking from restraints is now done through repeated alternated pressing of A and D keys
-Animation and cancel action added to road flare ignition
-Animation and cancel action added to chem-light ignition
-Feathers combining and splitting added
-You can add kindling and sharp sticks to fireplace
-Performing other environment actions while on ladder or swimming removed
-Breaking from restraints fixes
-Attachment slot removed from skate and firefighter helmet
-Message spamming reduced
-Temperature is now affected by movement
-Safer heat comfort calculation
-Skinned animal now hides correctly when the process is completed
-The process of skinning can be cancelled at any time
-Status message for drowning
-Shoe damage/wear reduced
-Rangerfinder measures distance properly
-And a lot more!