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Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013, 22:29


It was already noticed that also not german-speaking admins are interested in the chat.exe and often seem to have problems with that. Thats why I go ahead and make an english translation.

General information: The chat.exe is a tool developed by PSYCHO_BOB. It's special thing is the fact, that it can merge severeal scripts in to one simple command by using ingame chat; similar like the CC's !w, !k, !b ones. The work on the tool is still in progress. It is very good if you want to prevent players from doing stupid/noobish things without even kicking them.

Now let's start. This is the download link:

Unpack the archive with an unpacker programm like 7zip. The important files are: admins.con, connection.con, settings.con, Chat.exe and Befehle.txt

In the admins.con you have to type in the admins' names. The names have to be separated by using ":". Don't type in the clantag!
Example: PSYCHO_BOB:Vendetta0978:Eiriksun

Into the connection.con you have to type in the server data in this way:

IP:RCONPORT:RCONPASSWORD (separate again with ":")

These are the default settings of the settings.con:










It's important, that only these lines are standing there. Nothing more or less. things like on, off or numbers can get changed.
If everything was set correctly, you can use the chat.exe by launching the .exe-file.
You should see on your server (also everytime a new round starts) something like "[chat.exe]: chat.exe was loaded succesfully..."
The settings will also be loaded and sent directly to the server.
If you want to change the settings ingame, you don't have to quit the chat.exe at first you can also use the ingame commands.
You can find them in the Befehle.txt but you can also see a review of them ingame by typing #help.
If you want to know, how some commands work exactly, type in chat something like #help gsspawn, #help fr and so on.

So if you want to activate for example the Fast vehicle respawn, just type in chat #fr on. This doesn't just affect the rerspawn settings, it also changes in the settings.con
the value to FastVehicleSpawn:on, so you don't have to set all your options agains when restarting the tool.
There are also lots of commands available, that are not related to the settings. These commands only change other settings temnporarily and will get reseted when changing the map.

Here are all available commands with an included explanation about their effects.

Commands and Effects

#saaw on|off - enable/disable saaw

#pk on|off - enable/disable PKs

#grenade on|off - enable/disable frags

#grenade x - set for x a number. This will change the amount of frags a player has.

#msilo - switch between normal and weak anti-titan rockets

#nocom on|off - enable/disable commander

#gsspawn on|off - enable/disable automatic gunship fast respawn. Player limit will also be considered!

#gsspawn X - type for x a number. You can set the minimum amount of needed players until fast gs spawn takes effect.

#ids on|off - enable/disable IDS

#rdx on|off - enable/disable RDX

#quit - quits the chat.exe (has to be restarted manually)

#countdown x - shows a countown counting down from the number for x.

#dev - shows the actual settings

#pbrestart - launches "pb_sv_restart"

#rr - restarts map

#team1 x - set with x how many tickets team 1 has left.

#team2 x - set with x how many tickets team 2 has left

.#saawdamage X - change saaw-damage(default

#nogs on|off - activate/deactivate no gunship script

#nogs X - set for x the player limit for the minimum neede players.

#knifemode on|off - activates/deactivates knifemode. Only knife and defibrillator are available and only 2 flags are left.

#pistolmode on|off - activates/deactivates pistolmode. Only pistol is available and only 2 flags are left.

#onlyhs on|off - only headshots cause damage (bugs

#gravity low|normal - change gravity

#gunner - enable/disable gunner's weapons from the gunship.

#titanmove on|off - avtivate/deactivate titanmovement

#fr on|off - enable/disable fast respawn for vehicles (only for the maps Camp Gibraltar, Cerbere Landing,Fall of Berlin, only gpm_cq 32)

Yes, the special thing about #gsspawn and #nogs is their dependence from the number of players.
That means if you set #gsspawn on, it doesn't mean that gunships will spawn faster (15sec) instantly.
The amount of players from #gsspawn x has to be fulfilled also. This will be checked on every beginning of a round and won't take any effect if the minimum amount of neede players is to low. But once fast gs spawn is active, it will stay this way until the end of the current round. #nogs also behaves the same way. The gunships get deactivated until minimum amount of players of players are on server. Once the gs are allowed, it will stay this way until the end of this round. It will be cjecked in the beginninh of the next round. By changing the settings, for example to #gsspawn 2, the number of players will get checked instantly checked. Theoretically you can also just set #gsspawn off for to quit the whole thing.

Commands like #msilo are not saved in the settings, because it's only used for testing. If it will get an own setting at one day depends from the degree of esteem it will might have at some time. It just causes that the anti-titan rockets' damage is slightly decreased, so a round will probably take more time and players can make more points.

A very important command is #dev. It will give you a review, how the actual settings are

Quote from PSYCHO_BOB:


Dieser Thread soll hier jedoch nicht nur einen Überblick zu Chat.exe
geben. Sollte es Probleme geben, Wünsche, Ideen, immer her damit. Ich
schau inwieweit es sich umsetzten lässt. Dabei ist es mir aber sehr
wichtig, das die Idee auch Fair den anderen gegenüber sind. Also solche
Sachen wie Gunship MG schießt TV Rockets, werd ich nicht mit reinmachen ;).

Gruß Bob ;)

In english this means something like:
"This thread shouldn't just simply give you a review about the chat.exe. If problems occur or wishes and ideas, just give it right to me. I'll look how far something could be done about it. Keep in mind, that its also very important for me, that these ideas are also fair against the others. That means things like gunship-railguns shooting TV-rockets will not be supported.

Greetings, Bob"

Thanks to PSYCHO_BOB for this wonderful tool.
The translation was made by trialon for everyone; I hope it will help you.

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BF2142: PSYCH0_BOB, Schlampenfine

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Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013, 23:29

Thx TRIALON| for your translation :s_greatjob:



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BF3: DuranFinal

BF2142: Duran(Final)

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Freitag, 19. Juli 2013, 11:42

A very useful tool! Thx BOB and TRIALON (for translated text)



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Freitag, 19. Juli 2013, 15:21

ach ja, wenn irgend jemand von euch mal vielleicht sonst noch irgendwas übersetzt bräuchte einfach bei mir melden und ich werde sehen, was sich machen lässt. :)



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BC2: noobischernoob

BF2142: noobischernoob, FrEizEiTPiLoT

BF2: noobischernoob

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Freitag, 19. Juli 2013, 17:01

Erstmal Good Job zur Übersetzung und der chat.exe allgemein!

Defi Mod bei der der Defi nicht warm läuft und bei erfolgreichem Defi-Kill Leben wiederhergestellt wird und die Rauchgranate länger und mehr Rauch produziert.
__/ \__



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Samstag, 20. Juli 2013, 12:49

Ich denke, die "Unbegrenzte Defi nutzung" ist ein Problem, allerdings glaube ich, das mit dem Leben wiederherstellen ist so ne Sache :P


@noobischernoob: "Bringst wohl ein bisschen was von LoL mit, :P hee?

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